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Instantly create high quality marketing videos using a simple step by step process on a cloud-based platform.
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Rank your newly created videos on Google’s first page for massive exposure, views and INCOME.
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Create and rank videos for your OWN products and services, your client’s products and services or even to promote affiliate offers. You can use vMarketerPro for literally any purpose.
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vMarketerPro is cloud-based software meaning you can use it on both Mac and PC via a browser from anywhere in the world.
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Choose a credits package below.  Each credit will allow you to create and render one video.
These credits will only expire once you use them.

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175 Video Credits
1,500 Module Credits
vMarketerPro (175 Video Credits + 1,500 Module Credits) S
100 Video Credits
1,000 Module Credits
vMarketerPro (100 Video Credits + 1,000 Module Credits) S

Remember, with these credits you will be able to create and rank a number of professional videos for yourself or your clients.

Create REAL Marketing Videos with EASE
VMarketerPro makes it SUPER quick and easy for you to create high quality videos that grab your viewer’s attention and delivers your marketing message.

Our system will walk you through a simple ‘step-by-step’ process using ‘point and click’ and ‘drag and drop’ technology to effortlessly create videos consisting of images, text, video footage, voice-overs and background music.

You don’t even have to mess around with tedious zooms or transitions… vMarketerPro will do that for you!

Within just MINUTES you can have a highly polished video ready to make you PROFITS.
Produce High Quality, Natural Sounding Voice-overs Without Having to Speak into a Microphone
Our system has the ability to automatically convert your voice-over script (text) into high quality speech with a choice of gender and accent. This built-in technology will save you both time and money and is the perfect solution for those who are ‘microphone shy’.
In fact, here’s what some of our members had to say about our ‘Text to Speech’ feature…
Add Custom ‘Call-to-action’ Banners to the Top and Bottom of Your Videos
One of our newest features allows you to instantly add a banner to the top and / or bottom of your videos. This is great for adding a website address, phone number of key benefit.

You can customize the size and colour of the banners, the size and colour of the text and even choose to fix the banners above / below the video dimensions… or to OVERLAY them on top of your video.
Push Your Videos to the TOP of Google
We have been experts in ranking videos in Google for years.

vMarketerPro is LOADED with our own custom “SEO” technology which you will have direct access to along with comprehensive but easy to follow training. This technology is packed full of simple to use features that have been tried and tested, bringing results time and time again.

It literally takes you just 4-5 minutes to FULLY optimize a video using vMarketerPro. How’s that for speed?

It’s fast, easy and VERY powerful!
Instantly MULTIPLY Your Videos and Automatically Publish and RANK them for MULTIPLE Keywords
vMarketerPro can instantly take your newly created video and render up to 10 new versions of it. Each one having its own unique footprint whilst retaining the ‘quality’ and message of the original.

This group of videos can then be published to Youtube automatically, with EACH video targeting a specific keyword.

This results in multiple high quality videos ranking in Google (and Youtube) for a variety of niche keywords… Bringing you traffic, leads and sales.

It would take you DAYS at the very least to do this WHOLE process manually. VMarketerPro does it for you with just a FEW clicks.
Who Are We and Why Should You Be Interested
andy-blackHey there, my name is Andy Black and I have been making a healthy online income since 2007.

After setting up two successful e-commerce stores in 2008 and venturing into other areas of internet marketing I realized the marketplace was lacking useful tools. Tools that could help me in all areas of online marketing such as content creation, research and SEO.

After a short while I started developing my own software tools that enabled me to complete tedious tasks quickly and effortlessly. I soon realized that there was a real need for such tools so I made them available for other marketers and web masters.

During the few years that followed I had attracted thousands of customers from all over the world.
In 2013 I crossed paths with a ‘Wizard’ programmer called Dr. Max Vershinin (a very smart dude!) and we teamed up to develop some innovative products that we brought to the marketplace.

Over the last 24 months we have both been heavily involved with video marketing… Specifically video ‘SEO’ and ranking videos in Google.

Since faster ‘global’ broadband speed, increased bandwidth and the rise in popularity of Smartphones, video has EXPLODED. Since then we have seen a number of video creation tools being launched to the masses but we felt that none of these were complete or reached anywhere near the potential that a true video marketing software should.

We felt these tools created videos that were gimmicky and wouldn’t really grab your viewer’s attention or encourage them to take action. We also felt that the process of creating videos using these tools took TOO long.

On top of that, once these tools created your video that was it. They didn’t publish your video, rank your video or promote your video in any way.
The Marketplace Was Lacking
a SOLUTION and We Wanted to Fix that
Max and I decided we could do MUCH better than that. With my creativity and vast experience in this marketplace coupled with Max’s exceptional programming skills we vowed to bring a product to the market that would surpass all others.

Towards the end of 2015 Max visited me for 3 days where we thrashed out ideas, plans and a core outline of our PERFECT video creation and marketing software.
  • A software tool that was easily accessible to anyone around the world via a browser.
  • A software tool that could create slick, professional videos that would actually engage an audience and deliver your marketing message.
  • A software tool that allows users to create these videos in MINUTES rather than HOURS (or days).
  • A software tool that allowed users to instantly MULTIPLY their videos and publish them to Youtube creating MASSIVE exposure.
  • A software tool that would enable users to RANK their videos highly in Google putting them in direct view of their target audience.
After months of development and MANY tweaks made from the feedback of
our BETA users we had a market crushing product on our hands…

vMarketerPro is the COMPLETE package. It provides you with everything you will ever need to create and promote high quality videos from your web browser.

Here are a few example videos
that were created using vMarketerPro
The Videos Below Used Our Text-to-Speech Technology
Not bad for an artificial voice-over right? This was effortless video creation.
How About Google Page 1 Rankings?
With vMarketerPro and our included easy to follow ‘Step-by-step’ training and blueprints you’ll be ranking multiple videos at the top of Google. Just like these ones…
vMarketerPro has powerful ‘Optimization’ features built-in that use our tried and tested strategies and concepts. Remember, getting your videos ranked at the top of Google and Youtube will bring you LOTS of views, clicks, leads and sales.
Do Our Existing Members LOVE Our Software? YES! They do...
Are Our Existing Members Already Ranking Videos and
Making Money With Our Software? YES! They are...
Do We Help Our Members Achieve Success? YES! We do...
Here’s a quick overview of what
you will get when you become a member…
Full access to the easiest, slickest video creation platform available
Full access to our ‘Research & Analysis’ module including keyword research, market research and competition analysis features.
Ability to create projects and videos for yourself or your clients, and for any purpose.
Full access to our PRIVATE community Facebook Group where Max and I along with our members can share tips, strategies and offer help. It’s the hub of vMarketerPro where it is easy to reach out and tap into a huge ‘ever expanding’ knowledge base.
Full access to our unique ‘Optimization’ module for powerful video ranking ability.
A dynamic training area populated with short ‘Easy to follow’ videos and PDF documents, sharing unique strategies and showing you how to get the most out of vMarketerPro.
This is what successful UK based offline marketer 'Leon Henry' from Mapable thought about vMarketerPro...
leon-henryvMarketerPro is literally the swiss army knife of the video marketing world, one of the simplest yet advanced systems I have ever used, it does everything in one place, in fact it's replaced 5 other programs and has a few incredible features that I've never seen before. I'm already seeing amazing results and I haven't even scraped the surface of what this system can do.

- Leon Henry (Mapable)
We’re Here to Help You Succeed!
vMarketerPro is a long-term product that we are going to keep developing and tweaking over time. We have a BIG vision for it, and helping all of our members reach a high level of success using our system is paramount.

We are here to help you get the most from vMarketerPro and will be available to answer questions and offer guidance and advice on an almost daily basis.

If YOU succeed then we succeed, and that is our goal!
Do You Own Your OWN eCommerce Store?
If You Do Not Have an eCom Store then You Can SKIP this Section
However, if you DO have an ecommerce store (or Shopify store) then you have an even BIGGER reason to be excited about vMarketerPro. Our video marketing system is PERFECT for all eCom store owners. Here’s why…

With vMarketerPro you can quickly create neat little product review videos to add to your product pages. These will engage your visitors and give them more insight into your products.

Additionally, you can multiply these “review” / info videos and quickly rank them in Google (and Youtube) for MULTIPLE keywords. This will bring in FREE, organic traffic to your product listings on a DAILY basis.

It is a complete engagement and TRAFFIC solution for your store and products.
“Follow Our Blueprint”
We have also created a FULL blueprint for you to follow that will allow you to carry out this strategy quickly and easily. This will reduce your Ad spend, or alternatively bring more targeted visitors to your products resulting in increased SALES.
Watch the Demo Video Below
to See vMarketerPro in Action
Everything You Need to Kick-Start Your Video Marketing

Remember, you can get access to everything mentioned above today.

The credits that you purchase do NOT expire and can be used as and when you need to create videos.

They can also be used to create and rank videos for your clients or local businesses.  How much would those be worth to you?

How Long Does it Take to Create and Rank Videos Using vMarketerPro?

It can take just minutes!  Our user dashboard walks you through the simple process of selecting images, video clips, call-to-action, branded logo, voice-over and music... All 'Step by Step'.

You are then able to quickly create and rank up to 10 different versions of your video using our innovative '18 Second' feature.  Yes, it takes just 18 seconds to create multiple page 1 Google rankings.

Let’s Break this Cost Down
So You Can REALLY See the Value Here

If you invest in our 175 credits package for $47 that equates to 175 videos at just $0.27 per video.

When you factor in all the credits you will also receive to gain access to our optimization, research and analysis modules, the value per video increases even further.

Can You See the INSANE Value We Are Offering Here?
What is a professionally created video that has been published and RANKED at the top of Google worth to you?
Is it more than $0.27?
How many affiliate sales could you generate with that $0.27 video?
How many leads could you generate with that $0.27 video?
How many clicks could you generate with that $0.27 video?
In fact, how much would a client pay you for a professionally created video that is ranked on the 1st page of Google?
I’ll Tell You… It’s a LOT!
Are you ready to jump right in to vMarketerPro?

Remember, you will gain instant access to lots of simple tools and features that will help you to CRUSH it with video marketing.

Whether you need help or guidance with creating attention grabbing videos, scripting voice-overs or even ranking your videos in Google...

We Are Here to Help You!
It’s not just access to software you are getting here, it’s also access to our training, knowledge, expertise, community and help.
175 Video Credits
1,500 Module Credits
vMarketerPro (175 Video Credits + 1,500 Module Credits) S
100 Video Credits
1,000 Module Credits
vMarketerPro (100 Video Credits + 1,000 Module Credits) S

Remember, these credits are non expiring so they will stay in your account until you use them.

What Are You Waiting For?
If you join us and become one of our valued vMarketerPro members we will do our utmost to help you succeed.
We hope to see you on the inside so that we can get started.
To your future success
Andy Black and Max Vershinin
(Your vMarketerPro Entrepreneurs)
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